About Us


SGT International School Panvel is a CBSE School that was established in January 2019. They have expanded rapidly and now have four branches in the Panvel region, including Karanjade R1, R5 and Naupada. They provide education to students from nursery to ninth grade at a cost-effective price point. The school’s mission is to ensure that all children have access to a world-class education, regardless of their family’s financial situation. They believe that every child should have the opportunity to receive a top-notch education.SGT International School sounds like a great educational institution that is dedicated to providing high-quality CBSE Board education to students from all backgrounds. It is admirable that they have been able to expand to multiple branches in such a short time period, and that they are providing education to students from nursery to fourth grade, Secondary School in Panvel, Karanjade and Kamothe. The school’s mission of ensuring that every child has access to a world-class education, regardless of their financial background, is commendable. I wish the school and its students all the best in their future endeavors.We believe in the theory “When you practice, you get better” this helps the child to improve themselves.

About Chairman Sir

Mr Ramesh Tupe, well known star, and believes “Hard Work & Dedication Will Lead To Achieve Your Goal.” Today’s education system is new, innovative and Tech-savvy. NEP has planned to provide skill based education with FLN, which he intend to incorporate in our system through various activities and programmes.The units of SGT International School have been constructed keeping the new methodologies of teaching learning and their strategies in mind. His vision is to provide quality education to each and every student of the society personally believe that education is the basic right of every child and this is also the reason for me to help providing education to the students of the underprivileged sector. This year onwards our units at Kamothe and Karanjade training students aspiring for NEET, JEE, NDA,UPSC, MPSC, Navodaya and all I competitive exams. He envision our students making us proud by becoming responsible Doctors, Engineers, IAS and IPS officers of our nation.

About Principal

(M A.,(Eng.),S.Ed.,B.Ed.,M.Ed.,NET

Our heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional leadership and unwavering support. His guidance and mentorship have created a positive work environment where we can thrive and excel.

His dedication to education is truly profound, molding young minds, planting seeds that will abound.Through challenges and triumphs, he steer the ship, ensuring every student’s success, bit by bit. In his presence, hope and confidence ignite, for him to believe in our potential, shining ever so bright. His smile is a ray of sunshine, warms our hearts, assuring us that even in darkness, knowledge imparts.

Our Faculty


Mrs. Jyotirmayi Sonawane
Qualification –  Diploma in Computer Technology, BCA, MBA(HR)
Experience – 5 years

Chief Cordinator

Mrs. Rehana Husain,

Chief Co-ordinator

Qualification – B.A. , B.Ed.

Experience – 14 Years

Mrs. Nikita Patil

Chief Co-ordinator (R1)

Qualification – M.Sc. (Statistics), B.Ed.

Experience – 7 Years


Mrs.Nilima Mookala

Pri-Primary Admin (Kamothe)

Qualification – B.Tech. , pursuing ECCED

Experience – 2 Years

Mrs. Sushma Bhilare

Admin (R-5)

Qualification – B.A.

Experience – 1 Years

Mrs. Vaishali Jagannath Jagadale

Admin +UKG Teacher

Qualification – ECCED ,D.Ed. (special child), M.Ed. DSM (appearing)

Experience – 13 Years

Taslim Taufeek
Qualification – ECCEd
Experience – 10 Years

Mrs.Babita Raturi

Pri-Primary Admin(R1)

Qualification – B.Sc. , B.Ed.

Experience: 11 Years


Shilpa Pravin Pawar

Branch – Kamothe.

Qualification – M.COM , B.ED
Experience – 2 Years

Ragini Singh.

Branch – Kamothe.

Qualification – M.COM , B.ED
Experience – 2 Years

Deepali Waghmare

Branch:- Kamothe

Qualification – B.COM. , E.C.C.E.D.

Experience – 1 Year

Deepali M. Kengar

Branch: Kamothe

Qualification – H.Sc. D.T.Ed.

Experience – 2 Year.

Sunil Sawant

Branch :- Kamothe
Qualification – B.A. , B.Ed. , N.S.S. , Deploma in C.N.C.
Experience – 1 Year

Komal Popat Chavan.

Branch – Kamothe

Qualification – Bsc,MSc.

Experience – 6 Months

Pratima Gursali.

Teacher (R5)

Qualification – B.A. , D.Ed.

Experience – 4.5 Years

Mrs. Diksha Rai

Teacher (R-5)

Qualification – B.Sc ,M.A, D.el.Ed ,M.Ed

Shubhangi Gharat

Qualification – B.A. , ECCEd.

Experience: 2 year

Rekha Harsh Navghare

Teacher (R1)
Qualification – M.Com., D.ted
Experience – 6 year

Vaishali Patil

Teacher (R1)
Experience:- 2.5 years

Anshu Singh

Teacher (R1)
Qualification – B. Com. , Montessori, ECCED, B.Ed.
Experience – 4 Years

Smita Shekhar Thakur

Qualification – B. A., B. Ed.
Experience – 5 years

Shital Jitendra Patil

Qualification-  M.A ., D.Ed.
Experience – 6 Year

Mamta Jadhav

Qualification : M. Sc. Teaching Experience – 4 Years

Jyoti Kishor Mhatre

Qualification: S.Y., D.Ed.

Experience – 6 year

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